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Pre-Assessment Engagement

Think of a Liquidity Pre-Assessment as a liquidity checkup.  It's perfect mechanism for banks or credit unions who want to know whether they are in compliance with current regulatory liquidity guidelines. This solution is perfect for banks or credit unions who:

  1. are anticipating an upcoming examination by their regulators or internal audit
  2. are in need of some guidance with respect to implementing their liquidity risk management program
  3. are wanting to implement best practices in their peer group for liquidity risk

The Pre-Assessment will focus upon:

  1. Liquidity and Funds Management Risk policies and processes
  2. Contingency Funding Plan
  3. Design, relevance and use of liquidity scenarios
  4. Stress of liquidity scenarios
  5. Review of liquid assets and borrowings
  6. Review of liquidity metrics and limits
  7. Development and use of Early Warning Indicators (EWI)
  8. Review of key assumptions
  9. Review of documentation
  10. Liquidity Model Risk Management and implementation

Deliverables to the bank or credit union from our firm are:

  1. Written report illustrating findings and recommendations
  2. Samples of certain reporting, documentation and assumptions
  3. Exit conference with senior management discussing recommendations